SHOP Painting

Lena Katrina Kroeker (b. 1989, London, England) moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia with her family in 1992, and later to the small fishing community of Long Cove, West Pennant, Nova Scotia in 1996.
As a result of being homeschooled, Lena was able to focus on the study of art, design and music, and develop a strong creative practice early in life. She later went on to study music at Dalhousie's Fountain School of Performing Arts in Halifax, and moved to Montreal, Quebec in 2009

Lena's work is influenced by traditional craftsmanship, social dynamics, and mysticism. Her aesthetic is inspired by the reinterpretation of historical commercialism, rooted in her unconventional upbringing and subsequent outsider perspective on societal institutions and pop culture
Lena currently lives in Montreal, Quebec. She maintains an interdisciplinary art, music and design practice while working in her other vocation as a web developer.